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How Does An AllinOne solar street lights works - All in one solar street lights

Many Biggest Installers
Use Our ALLINONE Solar Street Lamps
In Their Best Installations

Patent Pending Design

The shape and design has been carefully studied to optimize all the construction. The outlook should be nice to be seen. This is why we have applied for patent for our design. In this way you can have the best solution with the best assurance on the market.

Patent - All in one solar street lights
no cable - All in one solar street lights

No Cable Needed

Solar powered outdoor lighting Easy installation. You do not need the cables. Our products are very user-friendly and avoid the problem to do the connections with cables. You time is important for us and for this reason we improve the technology every day, to give you the best solution.

Lithium Battery

Using lithium battery to prolong product life and protect environment. We think to the environment and we apply the newest technology on our street lamp let. The lithium batteries are the future.

LiFePO4 - All in one solar street lights
red motion detector 400 - All in one solar street lights

Infrared Solar Motion

SUNMASTER allinone solar street lamps has a buit-in passive infrared motion sensor that automatically regulates the LED light output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light.

Light Weight Design

Compact volume and light weight design saves freight cost and installation cost. Also the weight has been thought to give you the best performance and the best experience. Easy, fast and light. Many thing in one product.

weightlift 256 - All in one solar street lights
no rust - All in one solar street lights

Rust proof

Our products are designed to avoid the rust presence. The rest is very dangerous for the LED light street light system. So we prevent that making our street light LED with a special technology that avoid the rust. Let you try that!

Waterproof and Dustproof

What is missing? Yes! Our street light products are waterproof and dustproof. In this way they can operate in safety and you will not waste the time go on on the installation plant and make the maintenance.

water 256 - All in one solar street lights

All these features combine to create an unique product, direct, ready to use, high effient… eye-catching, direct, straight to And of course, INSANELY easy to install.
So I’ll ask you again…

How Important Is Installing A High Quality Solution?
Are You Ready To Make A Perfect Installation?

If you’ve been struggling with your customer …
If you want to make a perfect installation …
Or if you just want to be able to install solar light quickly and easily …

... SUNMASTER ALL-IN-ONE is your answer ...

Our mission is to reach as many customers as we can and allow them to install solar lights at very reasonable price.
So we have selected a price that would still be affordable to anyone who want quality products and have no problems in the installation.
We are so confident you are going to love SUNMASTER allinone solar street lights, that we are going to guarantee your results for you.

But how really works an all-in-one solar street light??

solar street lamp

1. Light switch auto-off for sun charging in daytime

solar street lamp

2. It will gradually auto turn on bright at night

Allinone solar street lights function

3. Sensor working distance is from 7 to 10 meters, when people get near, the lamp will automatically become brighter.

Allinone solar street lights function

4. When people walk away 5-8m, the lamp will automatically dim back to former brightness.

solar street lamp

Auto OFF

solar street lamp

1/3 Power Lighting

solar street lamp

Full Power Lighting

Allinone solar street lights
can be installed in may application fields!


  • Carparks, paths and laneways

  • Private roads, gates and entraces

Remote areas:

  • Where wiring is nos economical or practical

Safety and security:

  • Playgrounds, courtyards

  • Entrances, exits and muster areas

  • Outside storage areas, perimeter lighting

Gallery 06 - All in one solar street lights
Gallery 01 - All in one solar street lights
Gallery 05 - All in one solar street lights
Gallery 03 - All in one solar street lights
Gallery 04 - All in one solar street lights
Gallery 02 - All in one solar street lights
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Extremely EASY installation.
Everyone can install them
without any problem

Install the allinone solar street lights, exactly like any experienced installer

  • Easily

  • In a matter of minutes

  • Without any experience or having to hire expensive installers

Light Your Area in Just Minutes!

Sunmaster All-in-one solar street light  is the fastest and easiest way to install solar lighting and transform your area into well enlighten one. Use the simple connection interface to install in any pole in a professional way  in the least amount of time possible.

If you can connect a cable,
you can install a solar lighting solution
in less than 10 minutes.

Make the solar panel face south while installing. Meanwhile, you can adjust the angel between the lamp head and level (as follow), you’d better reconcile the lamp head with local latitude.

0001 - All in one solar street lights003 - All in one solar street lights
Motion Camera All in One Solar Lights
  • Install fuse if present before use (remove any film under fuse)

  • Tool supplied to tighten security bolts provided

  • Face solar panel as much towards the north as possible to maximise sun exposure (and therefore battery charge)

NB: As with all solar products, performance is wholly dependent upon the hours of direct sunlight and the orientation of the solar panel.

To place the light pole into the best spot with good day lighting.The light pole should be the length 4-6m, the thickness 2.0mm with material iron or steel, the diameter 50-90mm.
Unfold the knob of fuse ( see below ) and take out the insulating film if the fuse sockets, to check up if the fuse working right or not, and then tighten.
Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve, special screw should be used and steady installation should be ensured.

How To Replace a Lithium Battery - All in one solar street lights

Intelligent solution included in the price
It allow to regulate the light
according to local condition

All in one series has a built-in motion detection security feature that automatically regulates the LED light output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light. This fluctuation of lighting intensity preserves battery power and also serves to increase community security by deterring unsociable activity late at night and early in the morning where these lights are installed.

004 - All in one solar street lights

Check the 3D Models!

5/15 W

All in One 5-15W

18/20 W

All in One 18-20W

25/40 W

All in One 25-40 W

50/70 W

All in One 50-70 W

80/100 W

All in One 80-100-W

AllinONE Belly Design

AllinONE Belly Design

Wide range available from 5 to 120 Watt

10 W

All in One 10W
AllinOne 10W Datasheet

15 W

All in One 15W
AllinOne 15W Datasheet

20/25 W

All in One 20 - 25 W
AllinOne 20W Datasheet
AllinOne 25W Datasheet

30/40 W

All in One 30 - 40 W
AllinOne 30W Datasheet
AllinOne 40W Datasheet

50/60/70 W

All in One 50 - 60 - 70 W
AllinOne 50W Datasheet
AllinOne 60W Datasheet
AllinOne 70W Datasheet
AllinOne 70W Datasheet

80/90/100/120 W

All in One 80 - 90 - 100 - 120 W
AllinOne 80W Datasheet
AllinOne 80W Datasheet
AllinOne 90W Datasheet
AllinOne 100W Datasheet
AllinOne 120W Datasheet

Together with the solar street lights you will get the premium customers extra bonuses

You will not only get the all in one solar street light, but you will be part of our premium customers.
Remember that if you place the order today ...
You get 3 years warranty program that covers all the functioning problems of our solar street lights
You get the video course to install solar street lights. They are 4 video lessons of one hour each in which we explain every aspect of solar street lights configuration and installation .. and much more – a $ 499 value …. The course will be available in February 2016, once ready we will give you free of charge
You get direct import/export specialist taking care of your order and helping you in case of any problem with Forwarding or Customs
You get an open system product that allow you to replace in future the components taking them from your local market and you will not be forced to come to us. You can be sure that in long period you can easily do maintenance
You get an e-book about everything you should know about solar lighting. We have covered all the technical aspects and have been approved by hundreds of customers all over the world
You can choose the colour temperature of the lights. Cool, Natural or Warm white colour temperature available. We are not stockist. We are manufacturers. We can provide you what you are looking for.

Do you care about Warranty?

3 year warranty

We know that when a solar light system is installed you must be relaxed that everything will work for long period. What a headache if there are troubles.
This is why we want to give you only the best component.
All our all in one LED lights have a minimum 3 years warranty.
After warranty period, SunMaster will continue to provide free technology service,
however replacement spare parts, costs as well as delivery costs will have to be covered by customer.

5_year_warrantyThe warranty does not include damage caused by irresistible natural forces, acts of war, misapplication, accident, neglect, any modification or unauthorized repairs.
On specific request, made during offering/ordering, we can supply goods with 5 years warranty. The extra cost for the extension to 5 years warranty is about 10%.

Not only warranty.. You need certifications!

In most countries you need certifications to import the goods.
With no certifications the Customs can block the goods and not let them enter in your country. A company with a long experience in export, like SUNMASTER, is what you need to have smooth import without any unpleasent surprises.

CE Certification

allinone ce 2016 5 120W - All in one solar street lights

RoHS Certification

allinone rohs 2016 5 120W - All in one solar street lights

IP 65 test

allinone ip65 test - All in one solar street lights

Here’s how you can customize your All in One

Extra Solar Panel


Motion Camera


GPRS monitoring


Dimming Fuction


Customizable Design


Extension Warranty


Hybrid System


Horizontal Pole


If you need more information please, don't hesitate to contact us.
Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.