LED Flood Light

A Powerful Alternative

  • 110lm/w in maintain

  • Significant energy savings

  • Instant on/off

  • Mercury & lead free

  • Resistant to shock and vibration

  • Superior light quality

  • No UV

  • Wide input: 100 – 240V AC 12V/24V DC

  • Temperature compensation technology for long life

  • Maintenance free

LED Flood Light - LED Flood Light

Industrial & Commercial Applications for LED Flood Light

High Quality LED Chip

Professional encapsulation with BridgeLux LED chip makes the LED Flood Light source obtaining excellent protection of optical attenuation and heat conduction ratio.

Bridgelux 300x158 - LED Flood Light

LED Driver Equipped

Utilizing World’s leading MeanWell LED Driver, Great luminaire stability, lifespan & Optimal Performance Status.

CE, RoHS, UL, TUV, CB Certified
LED Driver Equipped 300x158 - LED Flood Light

Optimal Heat Sinking

Use of the good thermal grease combining MCPCB with aluminium radiator closely, keeps every LEDs obtaining optimal effects of heat dissipation. Light attenuation of LEDs under safe control with adequate heat sinking area and excellent air flow design.

Optimal HeatSinking Performance 300x158 - LED Flood Light

Superior Opticial Design

Utilize the mirror surface processed technics, effectively collect the invalid light and reflect them into effective. Designed the different beam angle directly from LEDs lens, actively control the horizontal and vertical beam angle.

Superior Opticial Design 300x158 - LED Flood Light

Exclusive Appearance Design

Modular design for lighting parts, makes maintenance more simple.

Exclusive Appearance Design with Patents 300x151 - LED Flood Light

Solid frame like a armor which protects the lamp

Solid frame like a armor which 300x167 - LED Flood Light

Rear airing design allows heat dissipated quickly

Rear airing design allows heat 300x167 - LED Flood Light

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List of The Products

Model No. STG03-30W

STG03 30W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-60W

STG03 60W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-90W

STG03 90W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-120W

STG03 120W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-150W

STG03 150W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-180W

STG03 180W - LED Flood Light

Model No. STG03-210W

STG03 210W - LED Flood Light

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right arrow 18 - LED Flood Light
right arrow 18 - LED Flood Light
left arrow 18 - LED Flood Light
left arrow 18 - LED Flood Light