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Solar Off grid solar system

An off grid solar system is also known as standalone Solar Power System; these systems are totally independent of any electric utility grid.

Mostly its usage is based on rural areas where grid electricity is not available or other reason would be the high price of electricity. In such areas, it is best to produce your own energy via installing a solar power system.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems are used to collect and store solar energy to be used by household appliances. These systems typically generate from 100 Watts (very small systems) to 5 kilowatts (larger systems, multi-family homes).

off-grid-solar-kit Off grid solar system

Off grid Solar System

Solar Power System is composed of solar panels array, controller and a DC deep well pumps. Our Off grid solar system can be used in many application fields:

Solar power systems, or in other words grid connected systems, are connected to utility grids to feed power back into the grid, it is to transfer the energy produced by the solar system into the grid station. The system comprises of solar photovoltaic panels which are connected to the grid by the help of inverter. A photovoltaic panel generates energy by its system, which can be used in supply of electrical use to your nearby areas or the energy produced can also be sent back into the grid when the system is producing more than the actual requirements.

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System features

  • Available in different sizes from 500W to 20kW
  • Inverter & charge controller all-in-one

  • Integrated energy management system & a variety of work mode
  • Frequency isolation transformer design, safe, quiet and stable

  • 110V/230V optional, 50Hz/60Hz adaptive

  • With electricity or Diesel generator by-pass

  • VRLA-GEL battery, long deep cycle life
  • External batteries, flexible configuration
  • Easy installation, convenient operation
  • Fast and accurate delivery, do not wait again
  • Free pre-sales technical support, including customization
  • One-stop after-sales service for the whole solar kit

Off grid solar system typical configuration:

Table Off grid solar system
  • battery stans-by day: 1days (70% DOD: Depth of Discharge)
  • Total energy content (C10: Capacity with 10hours discharge): 19.2KWh (100% DOD: Depth of Discharge )
  • Total energy content (C10: Capacity with 10hours discharge): 19.2KWh (100% DOD: Depth of Discharge )

Module parameters

Electrical Characteristics STC SM200M
Maximum Power (Pmax) 200W
Power Tolerance 0~+5W
Module Efficiency 16%
Maximum Power Current (lmp) 8.53 A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp 30.5V
Short Circuit Current (lsc) 8.95 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.6V
Dimension 1640*992*40 mm
Weight 19Kg

PV Combiner box

Model H4T-48
Max. PV array voltage 400Vdc
Max. PV array parallel inputs 6
Rated fuse current for each string(replaceable) 10A/12A/15A
Rated breaker current for output 63A
Surge protection
Class C
Input wire diameter(mm) Ф4~6.8(PG-9)
Output wire diameter(mm) Ф14~18(PG-21)
Protection degree IP65
Environment temperature -25~+60°C
Environment humidity 0~95%
Dimensions (mm: W*H*D) 404*365*136.5
Weight 7.5Kg

Off grid solar system technical data

Battery (external)

Battery Type VRLA-GEL
Rated battery voltage & capacity 12V 200Ah
No. of cycles (50%[email protected]°C) 600
No. of cycles (30%[email protected]°C) 1500
Total energy content (C10) 19.2KWh(100% DOD)
Max. output power approx. 3500W
No. of block batteries (at 2 V rated voltage) 24
  • Value at standard test conditions(STC): AM1.5, Irradiance 1000W/m 2 , Cell temperature 25°C

AC or Diesel generator input(Optional)

Input Voltage 165Vac~275Vac/85Vac~135Vac
Input Frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Change current 12A
Charging efficiency 88%
Input protection fuse or circuit breaker

Battery (external)

Max. input voltage (U DC max) 95V
MPP voltage (U MPP ) 48V~76V
Max. charge current 10~60A Optional
Max. PV power 2500Wp
Recommend PV power 2000Wp(10*200Wp)
2 panels per string;
5 strings in parallel
Number of DC inputs 1
No. of independent
MPP trackers
MPPT Max. efficiency 98%

System output

Output Power 2000W
Output voltage 230Vac
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output power factor > 0.8
THD < 5%
DC switch to DC < 8mS
AC switch to DC < 20mS
Inveter efficiency < 85%
Output protection 150% overload
shutdown in 1 minute


Recommended operting temperature 0~40°C
Rel. air humidity 0~90%


Module 10 years
Battery 2 years
Solar Change Inverter 2 years
PV Combiner Box 1 Year


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