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PROJECT TIME August 2014
PROJECT LOCATION & CLIMATE Daily solar radiation: 4.46kwh/m2/d
Solar panel angle: 39° face South
South Wind resistance: 60 m/s(216km/h)
DESIGN WORKING TIME 10h/day (2h full energy mode+8h energy saving mode)
2 days continued overcast and raining days
Solar Panel: 30W/18V, 1PC
Led lamp: 9W/12V, 9pcs LEDs
Gel Battery: 30Ah/12.8V,1PC
Solar controller: 10A/24V/12V auto, adjustable working time and power; IP68
Pole: 4m height; hot-dip galvanized + plastic powder coated treatment; anti-rust
Battery box: underground
Project quantity: 39units


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