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Allinone Solar Street Lights vs. Traditional Solar Street Lights

Allinone Solar Street Lights vs. Traditional Solar Street Lights Technological advancements in photovoltaic panels and LED bulbs have made solar lighting more and more popular. Compared to vintage street lamps, solar-powered street lights deliver massive economic and environmental benefits from renewable solar energy. Solar street lights consist of four main parts: solar panel, lighting fixture,

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Solar charge controller: PWM vs. MPPT

Solar charge controller: PWM vs. MPPT There are two methods of charging solar charge controller from a solar array/panel: the PWM and MPPT. These technologies are mostly used in the off-grid solar industry, and are both good options when it comes to charging your battery efficiently. When differentiating PWM and MPPT, the discussion is not

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All you need to know about Solar Battery Lifespan

What You Need to Know About Solar Battery Lifespan Solar battery lifespan is a major factor that manufacturers take into consideration to make the solar batteries robust. They are designed in such a way that they can resist heat and cold cycles. Unfortunately, solar batteries are not perfect and will eventually age. Thus, it is

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Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines vs. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines When it comes to the industry of wind turbines, there are generally two main types of turbines that people can choose from: the vertical axis wind turbines and the horizontal axis wind turbines. Both types of turbines have their particular merits and demerits. In this article,

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What does dod mean? DOD and solar batteries

DOD and solar batteries DOD, or depth of discharge, is one of the concepts that needs to be understood when dealing with solar batteries. Solar batteries, also known as deep cycle batteries, use solar panels to store energy from the sun. They are commonly used to store energy for standalone solar and wind and other

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All in one light 120W

All in one light 120W Finally the smart all in one Sunmaster solar street light 120W is ready and available. From the request of many customers, we have managed to extend our technology and expertise to higher power. These are the main characteristics – Charging time in 6-8 hours – Discharging time in 10-12 hours

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What is COB led? What is an SMD led?

Difference between LED Light: COB and SMD LED lights are constantly improved to bring about better use, greater versatility and more efficient use of power. The different models of LED lights are highly popular compared to traditional incandescent lights, mainly because they can last for about 25 times longer with less energy use. LED lights

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Solar Batteries

Maybe you are interested also in: Gel Battery vs. Lithium-ion: A Comparison of energy storage All you need to know about Solar Battery Lifespan Solar Lights Shine throughout the Winter Solar charge controller: PWM vs. MPPT How to protect solar street lights against lightning

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Pros and cons of solar energy - Solar Lights Blog

Solar Energy

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Solar energy is energy which comes from the sun and is converted to electrical energy through solar panels. It is an abundant, sustainable, and renewable energy. This is also a booming industry. According to the National Solar Jobs Census in 2015, as of November 2015, the number of solar

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