Integrated Pole
Solar Street Light

Integrated pole solar street light  - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

SUNMASTER – Solpol series solar lighting product range offers revolutionary lighting & connectivity systems. Solpol products are powered by unique cylindrical solar panels, and are independent from a power grid.

The Solpol solar lighting & connectivity columns can therefore offer unlimited freedom to the design of your terrain. Solpol integrates the most efficient photovoltaic cells in patented curved solar panel technology and exclusively uses durable components and state-of-the-art electronics.

Soluxio solar lighting products are sustainable, reliable and built to last.

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Solpol solar lighting systems can be governed wirelessly and generate their own electricity, making cables a thing of the past. There is no need for trenching and invasive roadworks, which greatly reduces cost and nuisance.

All Solpol solar lighting systems are entirely energy-neutral during operational life. By integrating the most efficient solar cells available on the market in cutting-edge designs, the Solpol product range provides our customers with efficient and reliable solutions for building a sustainable future.

Flexible Monocrystalline solar cell provides excellent resistance power

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Compact design with cutting edge LED light fixtures, high efficiency solar panels and high quality batteries.

SOLPOL Sunmaster Solar Street Lights - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light
    ALL configurations and standard products of SPIRIT are designed as 100% autonomous. This means that all units are off-grid and independent of any electricity grid. Every energy facet is and is being examined and optimized by us: -generation (solar), -storage (battery) and -use(LED) with the elimination of conversion reductions by the DC-electrical design.

    The intelligent control unit is the mastermind of the mast. It monitors and controls the unit to actuate and manage the energy ecosystem of the mast, but also maintain the lifetime of the total system. Optionaly, remote monitoring and control is available.
    The diversity of the HIGH line is infinite. All configuations are modularly built, based on the sun irradiation and lighting requirements. This means the variety is endless in height and lighting behaviour (illumination, uniformity and glare). For the BASIC line, we chose to provide five very optimized alternatives.

    Heat, wind, dust, salt and, or other harsh(weather) conditions has no or little control on the units. All units are produced and finished in high quality. Some examples: The units are designed for wind speeds up to 160 km/h, produced from European steel (in accordance to EN 1090-2 EXC 2), hot-dipped galvanized (in accordance to EN-ISO1461) and finished with a durable two-layer powder coating (standard in HIGH line-optional in BASIC line). The condition of the battery is constantly monitored the control unit acted upon if required
    SunMaster eliminates the carbon footprint of a traditional utility pole
    The units are complete plug-and-play. The literal basis of the mast is the foundation, which also includes a battery compartment, on which the mast is mounted. After erecting the unit, the system can be electronically activated by plugging the connectors. The connectors. The control unit ensures defining the location and so actuates the correct lighting program


The solar cells integrated in the Solpol are the highest efficiency available in the market.

SOLPOL Sunmaster Solar Street Lights IMG - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

Superior Performance Flexible Solar Cell

The cells integrated in the SOLPOL are the best performing solar cells available in the market. Due to low temperature coefficients (- 0.30 % Power /°C, similar to thin film) and the high efficiency of the cells, our cells generate more energy at higher temperatures compared to standard c-Si solar cells. Furthermore, the solar cells used for the SOLPOL conserve their initial power. Other types of cells loose 3% of power once exposed to sunlight. This innovative technology prevents light-induced degradation like conventional c-Si cells.

SOLPOL - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

With a unique LED encapsulation technology, the LED street light carried in the SOLPOL reach 180lm/W.

SLD 29 Solpol - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

SLD29 luminaires are a family of highly efficient outdoor LED fixtures with paramount efficacy, easy to maintain, with nano-coated optical lenses, excellent light distribution and replaceable LED units, perfect for environmentally friendly street lighting and maximum cost saving.
All luminaires achieve a system efficacy of more than 180 lm/W and are available for AC, DC and solar power supply.

Equipped with remote monitoring system make the management and maintenance easily.

Flexibility Solar Solution - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light


SolPol are versatile modular systems, customized to fit your needs, it is demountable and readily expanded, reconfigured or relocated.

Time Saving Solar Solution - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light


Prefabricating components in our factory, makes installation a rapid process — completion in approximately 1 to 2 hours each unit. This minimizes downtime which saves you money.

The SolPol solar lighting systems deliver reliable power production, illumination and uniformity, completely independent of the electrical grid. It’s a great solution for any site or area that requires illumination.

Perfect for:

  • Roads & Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Trails & Pathways
  • Security Perimeters
  • Bicycle Lanes
  • Military Zones
  • University Campuses
Solpol Height - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light


With a modular structure, the SOLPOL are highly flexible according to your needs. It is sustainable and easy-to–work-with.

GPRS Logo - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light
SOLPOL WI FI MONITORING SYSTEM - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light
  • Flexible control function (turn on/ off, dimming)
  • Flexible grouping function
  • Flexible timing control strategy
  • Intelligent query
  • Data concentrator parameter remote setting
  • Remote upgrading function
  • GPRS uplink communication and zigbee downlink communication
GPS Monitoring System - Integrated Pole Solar Street Light

7 functionalities additional to the pole

Wifi Hot-Spot

create an internet connections which allows mobile devices to join in.

Smart Devices Charger

5 USB ports support all devices with that feaures.

Surveillance Camera

protect and secure the perimeter anytime.

Motion Sensor

intelligent lighting control and power saving.

Illuminated Display

presents a great advertisement and branding opportunity.

One Button for Emergency

provide security guard for the emergency situation.

Weather Station

measuring many environmental data such as air quality, temperature, humidity etc.


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