Solar powered security camera

Stay connected whenever you go with our solar powered security camera.

Solar-powered-security-camera-2a Solar powered security camera
  • 3G/4G transmission module included – No cables required for connection

  • Remote camera power on/off via SMS – Possibility to take/send photos via SMS

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – the camera is powered by solar/wind power, fit in with local landscape

  • Affordable – the durable and reliable lighting structure reduces maintenance costs

  • Safe – An independent system ensures operation in case of emergency

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SunMaster presents a new product range, the latest development in surveillance technology: solar power security camera. This new product is smart, easy to install and self-sufficient. Place it anywhere on your property – no power supply needed.

Solar-powered-security-camera-2a Solar powered security camera

This intelligent system takes property monitoring to the next level. It supports WiFi, 3G and 4G.  It is possible to access the video live stream and audio any time from anywhere. It includes motion detection, SMS control extensions and an independent system to ensure night/day vision.

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Model6RB – 200S
Camera200 MegaPixel, 360° Dome
Power Consumption (with SIM)4W day time/ 12W night time
Power Consumption (w/o SIM)3W day time/ 9W night time
Solar Panel100W / 120W
Battery100Ah / 120Ah
Video StorageFront TF Memory Card (32gb max)


Wifi Solar powered security camera

  • Full HD resolution – 1920×1080 30FPS

  • 3G/4G transmission module included

  • Hotspot WIFI transmit – Rj45 Ethernet port line – AP relay route

  • Remote camera power on/off via SMS – Possibility to take/send photos via SMS
  • Support timed capture, dynamic snapshot and alarm snapshot synchronization

  • Video Storage – Front TF memory card (32gb maximum)

Wifi-Security-Camera Solar powered security camera
Solar-power-security-camera Solar powered security camera

Solar Module

  • Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade

  • The conversion efficiency of solar cell is above 13.75 %

  • White tempered glass, EVA resin

  • Weather proof film and anodized aluminum frame provide
    efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions
  • Products guarantee 5 years
Solar-panels-for-power-security-camera Solar powered security camera

Electrical Characteristics:

Solar-power-security-camera-Elettrical-characteristic Solar powered security camera
Electric Performance Typical Performance Characteristics 
Short Circuit Current Temperature Coefficient+3.6 mA/O C
Open Circuit Voltage Temperature Coefficient‐0.1567 V/O C
Maximum Power Temperature Coefficient‐0.5358 %/OC
Performance Warranty: 90% output12 Years
Performance Warranty: 80% output25 Years

Solar Controller

  • Microcontroller digital accuracy

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Ten field adjustable lighting control

  • Special on/off/on functions

  • Manual test capability

  • LVD override protection

  • Detects day and night using the PV array

  • Suitable for all 12/24 Vdc lamps

  • Sealed/Flooded battery select

  • Temperature compensation

  • Parallel with a SunSaver for 40 amps solar

  • Includes SunSaver battery charging circuit

SolarController Solar powered security camera


Solar-Controller-Specification-1 Solar powered security camera
Solar-Controller-Specification-2 Solar powered security camera

Gel battery

  • Long cycle life, about twice as VRLA

  • Fast and deep discharging capability

  • High speed charging, 80% charged
    within 30 minutes
  • Extremely low self discharge

  • Vibration resistant

  • Wide operating temperature range,
    from ‐40° to 60°
  • Cost effective, price comparable
    to typical VRLA
  • Low internal resistance

  • High energy density

BatterySunmaster-300x220 Solar powered security camera


right-arrow-18 Solar powered security camera
right-arrow-18 Solar powered security camera
left-arrow-18 Solar powered security camera
left-arrow-18 Solar powered security camera