Solar Street Lights

We can manufacture a wide range of solar street lights from 10 to 200W LED power.
Solar-Street-Lights Solar Street Lights

What will you find in this page?

Man Solar Street Lights

Solar street light kit

Check what you will receive in the kit of the solar street light

installazione Solar Street Lights


It’s very easy to install solar street lights

application Solar Street Lights


Solar street lights can be installed in many different applications

maintaince Solar Street Lights


Some suggest to ensuring a long life to the solar street light

Hands Solar Street Lights

Solar street light benefits

All the benefit using a solar street lights

matita Solar Street Lights

Design and Technology

How many parameters are considered in our engineering

batteria Solar Street Lights

Battery position

We have 4 different ways to place the battery in solar light systems

smart Solar Street Lights

Smart lighting

Intelligent remote control systems for street lighting solution

Technical data sheet

Model LED lamp Solar panel Battery Lumens Road width Pole hight Pole space
SLD12-30W 30W 1*60W 1*12V50AH 5400lm 6-8m 4-6m 12-18m
SLD12-40W 40W 1*90W 1*12V70AH 7200lm 8-10m 4-6m 12-18m
SLD12-50W 50W 1*100W 1*12V80AH 9000lm 10-11m 5-7m 15-22m
SLD12-60W 60W 1*150W 2*12V70AH 10800lm 13-14m 6-7m 18-24m
SLD12-70W 70W 1*160W 2*12V80AH 12600lm 14-16m 6-7m 18-24m
SLD12-80W 80W 1*180W 2*12V100AH 14400lm 16-18m 6-7m 18-24m
SLD12-90W 90W 1*200W 2*12V110AH 16200lm 18-19m 7-8m 21-28m
SLD12-100W 100W 2*120W 2*12V120AH 18000lm 20-22m 7-9m 21-30m
SLD12-120W 120W 2*150W 2*12V150AH 21600lm 22-23m 8-9m 24-32m
SLD12-150W 150W 2*180W 2*12V180AH 27000lm 28-30m 9-11m 30-35m
SLD12-180W 180W 2*210W 2*12V200AH 32400lm 28-30m 9-11m 30-35m
SLD12-200W 200W 2*240W 2*12V250AH 36000lm 28-30m 9-11m 30-35m
SLD12-220W 220W 2*250W 2*12V250AH 39600lm 28-30m 10-11m 35-40m
SLD12-250W 250W 2*280W 4*12V150AH 45000lm 28-30m 10-11m 35-40m
SL12-280W 280W 2*320W 4*12V150AH 50400lm 28-30m 11-12m 38-45m
SLD12-300W 300W 2*350W 4*12V180AH 54000lm 28-30m 11-12m 38-45m

What will you receive with solar street lights kit?

Solar-street-led-light Solar Street Lights

Led Street light

- CREE or Bridgelux LEDs provide super-bright light from little power;
- Simple thermal management;
- Up to 80,000 hours;
- 3-year warranty;
-LED wattage is equivalent to approximately half the wattage of high-pressure sodium light.

Solar-street-light-pole Solar Street Lights

Street Light Pole

- Up to 25 years of long life time;
- 8m height with solar panel bracket made of hot-dip galvanized steel Material Q235A;
- Anti-rust and Anticorrosion;
- 10-years warranty

Solar-controller-150x150 Solar Street Lights

Solar Controller

- Over 8 years of typical operating life;
- 3-year warranty;
- Some models have the morning lighting function specially

Solar-panel Solar Street Lights

Solar Panel

- Over 25 years of power generation capacity;
- 10-years warranty

Solar-Street-Light-battery Solar Street Lights

Gel Battery

- Gel battery, sealed free maintenance 150Ah/DC12V;
- 5~7 years of maximum life;
- 3-year warranty

Gel-Battery-box Solar Street Lights

Gel Battery Box

- Material in plastic;
- Fully sealed waterproof

Fondation-Kit11 Solar Street Lights

Foundation Kits

- 1000cm length;
- 4pcs of M20 anchor bolt

Cable-scew Solar Street Lights

Cable – Screw

1000cm length;
4pcs of M20 anchor bolt

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application Solar Street Lights
application-Ohio-USA Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights benefit

benefit-square1 Solar Street Lights
World Solar Street Lights

Battery position

battery-position-underground Solar Street Lights


battery-position-on-the-top Solar Street Lights

On the top of the pole

battery-position-on-the-roof-of-pole Solar Street Lights

On the roof of the pole

battery-position-on-the-ground Solar Street Lights

On the ground

Hanging-on-the-pole-1 Solar Street Lights

Hanging on the pole


installation-men Solar Street Lights
SunMaster solar street lights are extremely easy to install. In most cases, only simple hand tools are needed to assemble the light. SunMaster offers detailed installation instructions and videos. For larger projects, SunMaster can provide onsite installation training and technical assistance.
installation-with-truck- Solar Street Lights
For better wind resistance, SunMaster recommends using concrete foundations for solar lights. SunMaster provides all the hardware necessary to build the foundations, and can offer suggestions on the best size based on the customers’ wind resistance requirements.


maintenance-2 Solar Street Lights

Typical maintenance schedule:

Every Two Months: Inspect street light panels and clean ones which are covered with dust or sand. The best way to clean the panels is with a brush at the end of a long pole. Particular care should be taken to avoid damaging the solar panels.

Every Five to seven Years: Replace the solar street light batteries if the voltages drop below normal levels.The Battery has an expected life of five to seven years

Designing and Technology

Don’t buy a solar street light that does not fit to your situation.You do not want to have lack of light for your solar light.Designing the correct solar light means save money, avoid lot of problems and have happy customers.In Sunmaster we can design and size the perfect solar street light solution. Check the video about what we need to know to size your perfect solar street light.

LED Intellegent Street Lighting Solution

Smart lighting system features

On-site connectivity with bluetooth

Sunmaster-Solar-Street-Light-Bluetooth-Image-3 Solar Street Lights
Installation Solar Street Lights


led-light Solar Street Lights


monitor Solar Street Lights


Mapping-deviced Solar Street Lights



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right-arrow-18 Solar Street Lights
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