Solar Water Pump

SunMaster brings you the most ideal and efficient solution for your various water consumption needs: the solar water pumps system.

Our solar pumps have different types of models to suit your desired solar pump, machine power, length of use, solar panel power, voltage, the volume of water discharged, and other specific requirements.

Each solar pump is composed of solar panel array, sealed controllers, and a DC deep well pump that comes with free accessories like the stainless steel screw, cable connector, water level sensor, or cable for the solar panel. Moreover, the outlet, pump body, motor body, screws and nuts are made of quality stainless steel for a heavy duty and long-lasting performance.

Solar-Water-Pump Solar water pumps
Solar-Water-Pump-2 Solar water pumps

Since the system employs Photovoltaic (PV) technology, the energy from sunlight is collected by the array of solar panels, which is converted into DC electricity energy. This passes into the solar controller for rectification, stabilization, amplification and filtering and then finally pumps large volume of water.

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Application of Solar water pumps

Our highly innovative Solar Water Pumps can be used in a wide range of application which includes the following:

Solar-Pump-For-Irrigation Solar water pumps

Agricultural irrigation

Ideal for crop irrigation to help farmers cut their expenses and have a more accessible water supply in their farm.

Solar-Pump-For-Desert Solar water pumps

Desert control

Solar water pumps may alleviate the dryness and lack of water supply in desert areas, especially if the water sources are shallow.

Solar-Pump-For-Pasture-Husbandry Solar water pumps

Pasture animal husbandry

Livestock business owners can provide water supply to their animals and maintain their farm sheds.

Solar-Pump-For-Remote-Areas Solar water pumps

Water supply for islands

Perfect for far flung villages or islands without electricity but have deep wells and good water sources such as lakes and rivers.

Solar-Pump-for-private-home Solar water pumps

Private homes supply

Economical and low maintenance solar pumps are works perfectly for domestic water consumption too.

Solar-Pump-For-Fountain Solar water pumps

Garden Fountains

Livestock business owners can provide water supply to their animals and maintain their farm sheds.

Solar-Pump-For-Hotel Solar water pumps

Commercial establishments

such as hotels, apartments, water treatment facilities, and government and private companies.

Top Features of Solar Water Pumps

Highlights of our high quality solar pumps include:

  • Has energy-saving and environment protected green products
  • High technique products adopting MPPT and DSP chip technique
  • 100% copper wire, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet
  • Advanced three phase brushless DC motor
  • Featuring stainless steel 316 screws
  • Intelligent power modules
  • Automatic operation and complete protection functions
  • Up to 8 years of data acquisition storage; up to 98% conversion efficiency
  • We adopt the dynamic maximum power point tracking control method, fast response and stable operation
World Solar water pumps

To provide reliable water supply solution and highly efficient water pump system, SunMaster takes pride from using top technology in the industry of solar powered products. In terms of application innovation, our solar pump’s efficiency has been improved up to 25% due to the use of permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, and non-sensor motor.

Our pump’s innovative structure has oil filling mechanism, convenient installation and environmental protection scheme. Furthermore, we have adopted a double plastic package for rotor and stator, motor insulation ≥300MΩ, and the motor security was much improved.

Solar water pump benefit

Easy to Use

Maintenance Solar water pumps

Easier and more widely used than any other dynamoelectric driven pumps.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance2 Solar water pumps

Low maintenance system and easy installation – has automatic operation and intelligent mechanism with 3 years warranty.


Environmental-friendly2 Solar water pumps

Environmental-friendly solution – since it is 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, thus, eliminating pollution.

 All weather

24-7-Water Solar water pumps

Your 24/7 water supply – equipped with battery backup for cloudy or rainy days and comes with controlled charging mechanism to prolong battery service life.

Cheap Solution

Cheaper-Solution Solar water pumps

Economical and cost effective solution – yields to low monthly electric bills and no cost of transformers or meters to be added for electric service.

Enjoy running water all day at low operating cost with a state-of-the-art solar water pumps system from SunMaster. Contact the solar water pump experts today and request a FREE quote!


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right-arrow-18 Solar water pumps
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