Solar Battery Position

This is a common question which can arouse in the minds of people:

What would be the lifespan of solar batteries?

Yes, they tend to last long as compared to traditional batteries.

But what should be done in order to ensure the performance that can boost up the life of solar power lights?

Here are some useful tips and tricks through which you can easily understand where and how you can choose the better Solar Battery Position to make their working life longer.

1. Positioning the solar battery underground:

The first option is to place the solar batteries underground, this is the most common way in all.
The above picture exactly explains you, how you can install the battery underground and can do it quite safely.

0581e474625c37a0745d20782459902c Solar Battery Position2. Positioning the solar battery at the root of pole A

The second position which is also quite commonly used is, placing the battery at the root of pole A, this is usually suitable for small batteries to keep in place. The image above tries to depict, the size of battery that can normally be installed in the root of poll A and where to place it as well.
Beware: because there is always a chance of batteries getting theft!861a6f3cad852008ebd422f9cf8f4942 Solar Battery Position

3. Positioning the solar batteries at the root of pole B:

a38f89db214dd353b8e4b1b63db5eebe Solar Battery Position

The third option you have is to place the batteries at the root of poll B. One benefit for placing the batteries at the root of poll B is, to prevent your solar batteries getting theft more often. All you need to connect the wires properly as provided in the guide, next you just have to place it in the root of poll B and you are good to go. Besides preventing it from theft, it will also help your batteries to work for quite a long time.

4. Positioning your solar battery on the top of the pole:

a16b8fc91dc1a264545bf3b5b865b958 Solar Battery Position

The fourth option we have is to place the solar batteries right on the top of the poll. You can do this by designing or just grabbing a small steel cabinet, easily available in the market these days. In order to fit the solar batteries you have to reach the right top of the poll; for this, a ladder is a must, without it the installation of batteries cannot be possible. The picture above explains you exactly how to do it. Batteries will be quite safe on the top of the poll with no chance of being theft.

5. Positioning the solar battery hanging on the pole:

436519eea8ec08927ccfaa69d0889873 Solar Battery PositionThe fifth and last option we have is to place the solar patteries hangin on the pole. This battery is designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV resistant hardware for long term reliability. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by several tilt-angle settings and is a one person operation. Mounting battery box on the pole prevent the battery inside from being stolen. Such design also realizes easy maintenance.

The above mentioned are the best possible ways you can easily installing or positioning your solar batteries to enjoy solar power electricity any time.

If you need more information of Solar Battery Position please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.



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