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If you’re seeking an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective street lighting solution, you’ve come to the right place. All In One solar street lights offer an integrated design that combines solar panels, batteries, lighting control, and LEDs into a single compact and intelligent unit.

You’ll discover how these solutions provide an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional grid-powered street lights. Additionally, we’ll provide an in-depth overview of available products, including models, technical specifications, and customization options.
Optimized to maximize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, these lights represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future.
All-in-One-Solar-Street-Lights-1 All In One Solar Street Light

Integrated & intelligent Solar Street Light

Our integrated solar LED street light is simple and elegant, easy to install and maintain, and the application range is wide.
5-year-warranty All In One Solar Street Light

5-year warranty

LED-solar-streetlight All In One Solar Street Light

LED solar streetlight

Stand- alone product: no electricity bill, no grid connection. Up to 30% fewer poles compared to other solar street lights.

Connected-product All In One Solar Street Light

Connected product

Bluetooth enabled for product registration, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and lighting profile management.

Versatile-and-powerful-lighting All In One Solar Street Light

Versatile and powerful lighting

Lumens output of 1600 to 6400. Complies with street lighting standards. Comply with street lighting standards.

All-in-one-solution All In One Solar Street Light
Very-long-lifetime All In One Solar Street Light

Very long lifetime

Innovative high heat resistance lithium battery advances natural cooling & itelligent lighting management.

Tiltable-LED-optics All In One Solar Street Light

Tiltable LED optics

Tilt from 0 and 30° with 10° steps to match local lighting requirements

Very-long-lifetime All In One Solar Street Light

All-in-one solution

Plug & play for easy installation in a few minutes. The completely autonomous solution, is easy to move at a later date (e.g. construction, natural disasters, public events).

Motion-sensor-option All In One Solar Street Light

Motion sensor option

Increases light intensity automatically when movement is detected to ensure security and energy conservation.



Sunar All In One Solar Light

Screenshot-2023-04-06-alle-15.18.07 All In One Solar Street Light
The Sunar All-in-one solar lighting is used for streets, pathways and parking lots. Built-in intelligent MPPT solar controller with sensor, the light can work through the whole night by smart power automatically to max working hours in various weather conditions. The light is also Dark Sky Friendly

Bifacial-solar-panel Solar Light

Screenshot-2023-04-06-alle-15.22.11 All In One Solar Street Light
Bifacial solar panel design and enhance solar energy 20%, No cable connection, less civil work and easy installation. Built-in waterproof plug and play connectors, users can replace components easily when maintenance needed.

Galaxy UFO Solar Light

Galaxy-UFO-Solar-Light All In One Solar Street Light
The Galaxy UFO Solar light, is ideal for application in Garden, Parking lot and Square. Patent design with 360 degree illumination with exellent long life span up to more than 12years. Aluminum die-casting lamp housing make IP66 waterproof and anti-corrosion.

All in Two Solar Light

All-in-Two-Solar-Light All In One Solar Street Light
The Superan All-in-two solar lighting specially apply for high illumination areas, like Highway, national road, urban road and airport etc. Bat-wing light distribution,make the road super bright without darkness between poles. Both lithium battery and gel battery avaliable for certain choice to make cost-effective in individual project perfectly

Classic All in one Solar Light

Screenshot-2023-04-06-alle-15.26.39 All In One Solar Street Light
The Classic All-in-one solar lighting, waterproof, dimming mode with sensor, super bright 5050 Philips LED bulbs and LiFeP04 lithium battery, to ensure light work dusk to dawn, even in cloudy and rainy weather. Easy to installation and without maintenance through the year

One of our experts will help you figure out which is best solution for your situation

Allinone solar street light can be installed in may application fields!


Remote areas:

Safety and security:

Gallery-06 All In One Solar Street Light
Gallery-01 All In One Solar Street Light
Gallery-03 All In One Solar Street Light
Gallery-04 All In One Solar Street Light
Gallery-05 All In One Solar Street Light
Gallery-02 All In One Solar Street Light

Together with the solar street lights you will get the premium customers extra bonuses

You will not only get the all-in-one solar street light, but you will be part of our premium customers.
Remember that if you place the order today …
You get 5 years warranty program that covers all the functioning problems of our solar streetlights
You get the video course to install solar streetlights. They are 4 video lessons of one hour each in which we explain every aspect of solar street lights configuration and installation .. and much more – a $ 499 value …. The course will be available in February 2016, once ready we will give you free of charge
You get a direct import/export specialist taking care of your order and helping you in case of any problem with Forwarding or Customs
You get an open system product that allows you to replace them in future the components by taking them from your local market and you will not be forced to come to us. You can be sure that for long period you can easily do maintenance
You get an e-book about everything you should know about solar lighting. We have covered all the technical aspects and have been approved by hundreds of customers all over the world
You can choose the colour temperature of the lights. Cool, Natural or Warm white colour temperatures are available. We are not stockists. We are manufacturers. We can provide you with what you are looking for.

We know that when a solar light system is installed you must be relaxed so that everything will work for a long period. What a headache if there are troubles.
This is why we want to give you only the best component.
All our all-in-one LED lights have a minimum 5 years warranty.
After the warranty period, SunMaster will continue to provide free technical service, however, replacement spare parts, costs as well as delivery costs will have to be covered by the customer.
The warranty does not include damage caused by irresistible natural forces, acts of war, misapplication, accident, neglect, any modification or unauthorized repairs.

Solar-street-lights-5-years-warranty All In One Solar Street Light

Not only warranty.. You need certifications!

In most countries, you need certifications to import goods.
With no certifications, the Customs can block the goods and not let them enter your country. A company with a long experience in export, like SUNMASTER, is what you need to have a smooth import without any unpleasant surprises.

All-in-One-Certification-6-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-7-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-8-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-3-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-4-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-5-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-1-724x1024 All In One Solar Street Light
All-in-One-Certification-2-1024x724 All In One Solar Street Light


right-arrow-18 All In One Solar Street Light
right-arrow-18 All In One Solar Street Light
left-arrow-18 All In One Solar Street Light
left-arrow-18 All In One Solar Street Light