Remote Solar Control System

Watch the video and discover how Sunmaster wireless Solar Control System for solar street light works

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Arrow Solar Control System
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Amidst the noticeable shift from regular lighting system to solar lighting system, others are still hesitant to join this cost-efficient and environment-friendly revolution, especially companies, mainly because of the initial investment required. Now, knowing how the solar control system works can help you understand better the many advantages and benefits of using solar lighting systems.

remote-monitoring-system Solar Control System

System Organization Generalization

Hardware-Wiring Solar Control System

Control Center

This is the main monitoring platform of the control system. It consists of the PC, server, solar streetlight control software, Web server, and other devices which enable it to receive data from the GPRS/CDMA module of the data center. Through this, you can check the working conditions of your installed solar street lights, querying of the lights, and real-time controlling of it.


This system component collects the terminal controller’s information gathered from the solar lights. Here, the Zigbee signal is translated to GPRS/Ethernet signal, which are then forwarded to the control center.

Terminal Controller

RTU12W and solar controller work on managing, charging, and discharging solar system batteries. The information is collected from the solar panel, battery, solar lights, and other pertinent devices. It also controls the lights’ dimming and switching on and off.

Solar Control System Features

Solar-Control-System-Features Solar Control System

Main Components of Solar Control System

SEMS Monitoring Software

The software is operated on a host computer, wherein the system can be controlled and managed to collect the measured data (i.e. current, power consumption, alarm, etc.) and monitor the status of the lighting system.
SEMS-Monitoring-Software2 Solar Control System
Gateway-CC08Z-Solar-Lighting-System1-200x301 Solar Control System

Gateway CC08Z

The gateway’s functions involve:
-Turning on/off, dimming, and querying the terminal controller(s).
-Adjusting the lighting schemes automatically according to pre-setting.
-Storing the collected data and the device execution history.
-Communicating uplinks (i.e. GPRS/CDMA/Ethernet).
-Communicating downlinks (i.e. Zigbee/RS485).
-Remote upgrading
-Encrypting data during communication
-Alarming the control center


GPRS Monitoring System

Zigbee-GPRS-mornitoring-system-600x227 Solar Control System
Zigbee-600x223 Solar Control System


ON-OFF-Controll Solar Control System
ON OFF Controll
Dimming-Control Solar Control System
Dimming Control
Battery-Fault-Allarm Solar Control System
Battery Fault Allarm
Lamp-Fault-Allarm1 Solar Control System
Lamp Fault Allarm
Stolen-Allarm1 Solar Control System
Stolen Allarm
Data-Read1 Solar Control System
ON OFF Controll

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