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SunMaster Solar Lights Products

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Why choose Sunmaster Solar Lights?

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We are manufacturers we do not have any intermediaries. We sell you directly.

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We have 3 integrated workshops so we can personalize every single components of our solar street light.

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With passion and dedication we have been producing solar street light for 10 years old.

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We have a engineers staff always ready to support you in any project before and after the installation

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We have a sell office in Italy to give you a directly assistant to our european customers.

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We produce almost 100.000 solar street light per year.

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We collaborate with the best Chinese University to improve constantly our products.

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All our products are certificates to be to install in every part of the world.

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We have installation in every part of the world from Africa to Europe, from America to Australia.

Our Mission

Customer Feedback

NIS-Foundation Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Eric Sevrin
Nordic International Support Foundation
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We had the contact with the SunMaster team and it was very good: they were both accessible and very responsive. The overall relationship was very positive. We are very happy with the main product delivered to us by SunMaster (solar street lights). We has issues with solar traffic lights, but SunMaster showed great professionalism and responsiveness in dealing this. The good communication throughout the process was also very important to us.
Tetco-Oil-and-Gas Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Samir Gaith
Tetco Oil & gas
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We had to deal with the problem of having limited time of electricity in Lebanon. Solar energy seemed a great solution. Your team was very cooperative. I liked the treatment and honesty that I got from your company.
Nweba-Lda Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Celio Langa
Nweba Lda
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We were searching for a new partner providing us solar panels. Your team was awesome, perfect on assisting the clients and very dynamic. We enjoyed the availability to assist clients and flexibility with the client’s needs.
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Left-150x114 Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Left-150x114 Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024

Solar lights are the new energy system which… Discover it! Download your FREE book!

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Why choose Sunmaster Solar Lights Manufacturer?

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SunMaster Solar Lighting Company Limited was founded in the year of 2006; since that, SunMaster has been the most professional and reliable solar LED lights manufacturer in the global market of solar lighting products and accessories.

Our Specialization:

We are specialized in supplying high quality solar street lights, solar garden lights, wind and solar hybrid lights, mobile solar lights towers, solar pump system and much more. Our expertise is to provide the high quality customized solar solution to everyone in the world with the affordable price ranges.

In-house Manufacturing:

SunMaster as a professional solar LED lighting manufacturer currently owns its own manufacturing plants with a total area of 8000 square meters along with multiple workshops for the production of solar panels, LED lights, controllers and other system accessories. SunMaster provides high quality customized solar solutions at affordable prices.
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Our Certifications towards Quality:

Our plants have an annual manufacturing capacity of 15,000-20,000 lights and solar systems. The company is ISO9001 certified and all the solar products comply with CE, RoHs, SGS SonCap certifications.

Customer Feedback

Eduardo-Sanchez-Solano Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Eduardo Sanchez Solano
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My customer is very happy with your solar lamps because its working fine and has a very good quality, now they ask for the 60watt model
Raymus-Chai Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Raymus Cha
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We installed the solar system you sent, they are very good quality indeed. I will place another order next week.
Nweba-Lda Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Javier Lineros Torrealba
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Hello Lily My test is totally coherent with your words bellow your 28w street light have a good performance, better performance that a ZNZ similar unit. I guess that maybe you use more powerfull leds, then they work in a more efficient range,… I am learning with you.
12243275_929968517048962_3365374635885130963_n Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Mario Anuales
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Re-choosing your company among others is easy as we are aware that your company is ISO certified,you have top notch technology products,excellent research and development,customize solar solution,very professional and reliable marketing staff and last but not the least you have a prompt after sales service. Of course your Pricing is very much competitive.
George Green
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Firstly, I want to thank you for all your assistance during our recent order for streetlights ! You provided a service that is encountered rarely these days ! Secondly, I want to inform your people that everything connected to the installation went smoothly with all lights now performing in an excellent manner!
Nweba-Lda Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Josuè Cabrera
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I received the all in one the earlier this week and I have to tell you that it exceeded my expectations! We’ve put them under heavy rain and limited solar radiation (it was a rainy week) and they’ve performed very well. Thank you for your support and your patience.
301002151_621483309688512_956865713740607856_n Sunmaster - Solar Lights Manufacturer 2024
Brave Energy
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A violent typhoon in Philippines destroyed homes, uprooted trees, and left residents without power. The electricity was cut for almost a Month. There was no light in the streets and the whole island was covered with darkness. The Sunmaster poles, powered by renewable sources and thus independent of the electrical grid, managed to withstand the storm giving them light and hope for several weeks.


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Frequently Solar Street Lights Questions & Answers

Solar lights are usually tailored on your needs. A system that is perfect to be installed in London is not suitable to be installed in Dubai. If you want to be supplied with the perfect solution we kindly ask you to send us some more details.

  • Which are the information you should give us to best customize our solar lights?
    • The sunshine hours per day or the exact city the street lights will be installed
    • How many continuous rainy days in the raining season there? (It matters because we have to make sure the light can still work in 3 or 4 raining days with little sunshine)
    • The brightness of LED lamp(50Watt, for example)
    • Working time of solar light every day(10 hours, for example)
    • The height of the poles, or the width of road
    • It is best to offer the pictures on the locations where the solar lamps going to be installed
  • What is a sun hour?
    A sun hour is a unit of measurement of the intensity of sunlight on the earth at a given time that can be used for generation of solar power, recognizing factors such as climate and weather. A full sun hour is measured as the intensity of sunlight at noon, whereas less than a full sun hour will result during the hours before and after noon.
  • Which types of warranties you will have?
    Solar Panel: mininum 25 years of power generation capacity, with 10-years warranty LED Light: Mininum 50.000 hours life span, with 2-year all inclusive warranty - covers everything on the LED street lights, including lamp holder parts, power supply, radiatior, scaling gasket, LED modules & lens Battery: 5 to 7 years life span, with a 2-year warranty Controller inverter and all the electronic parts: Minimum 8 years by ordinary usage, with a 2- year warranty Pole solar panel bracket and all the metal parts: up to 10 years life span
  • What happens if there are cloudy days?
    Electrical energy is stored in the battery each day, and some of that energy is used to operate the light at night. Generally, we design your system so that the battery will operate the light for five nights without charging. This means that, even after a series of cloudy days, there will be plenty energy in the battery to power the light each night. Also, the solar panel will continue to charge the battery (although at a reduced rate) even when it is cloudy.
  • How does the light know when to turn on and turn off?
    SunMaster’s solar controller uses a photocell and/or timer to control when the light will turn on, when the sun goes down, and to turn off when the sun comes up. The photocell detects when the sun comes down and when the sun comes up again. SunMaster can make the lamp last anywhere from 8-14 hours, and this varies on the customer’s needs. The solar controller utilizes an internal timer that is pre-set for a specific number of hours to determine when to switch the light off. If the solar controller is set to leave the light on until dawn, it determines when the sun rise (and when to switch the light off) by means of voltage readings from the solar panel array.
  • What is the typical maintenance schedule for a solar lighting system?
    There is no regular maintenance required for a solar lighting system. However, it is helpful to keep the solar panels clean, especially in a dusty climate.
  • Why SUNMASTER advises to use 24V for 40+W Solar LED System?
    Our suggestion for using 24V battery bank for solar LED system is based on our research which we conducted earlier before launching our Solar LED system. What we did in our research was that we actually tested both the systems 12V battery bank and as well as 24V battery bank.
  • What do we need to know to customize your solar light project?
    In order to customize your solar light project the first thing we need to focus on is the location for installing the solar power lighting system and the perfect location where you want to install your solar light project, because different locations and surface have different levels of sunlight which can have an impact on the outcome of the solar light project.
  • Do I have to charge the batteries?
    Batteries are shipped 85% charged. The batteries will be at 100% charged within two weeks of proper operation.
  • What is a Gel Battery (VRLA Battery)?
    Gel battery also known as VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries or gel cells, contains acid that has been gelled by the addition of silica gel, turning the acid into a solid mass that looks like gooey Jell-O. They contain less acid than a regular battery. Gel batteries are commonly used in wheelchairs, golf carts and marine applications. There are several advantages to using gel batteries.
  • How many hours need to install Solar/Wind Led street light?
    Installing a solar or wind powered LED street light isn’t any sort of rocket science, in fact anyone willing to install by himself can do it easily.