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Jinhua Sunmaster Lighting Co. Ltd provides one of the best solutions to environmental concerns through its solar lighting systems.

So, what solution can be tapped? You’re right, solar energy!

The sun is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. Electricity from it can be scaled up from small to large application. Solar technology is modular in nature, which enables us to design distributed electricity. This means that the solar lighting system is generated in increments in accordance to the demands, hence improving reliability of supply, and moderated transmission and distribution costs. With the sunlight being widely and naturally available, it is easier to build geographically-diverse solar lighting systems, that are less gullible to international energy politics, transmission glitches, and unstable fossil fuel-based markets.

Another key advantage of the PV-cell technology and LED technology is that they can easily be integrated. This is because the voltages produced by the PV-cells and the LED load-voltage can be matched. Plus, these systems have high efficiency less the additional voltage transformation phases.

To date, LED solar systems are widely used as alternative sources of energy. These systems can be applied into street lighting, mobile lighting, and residential lighting where there is poor or no mains available. The World Bank’s Lighting Africa is an advocacy that provides lighting to underdeveloped regions.

With all these said, SunMaster solar lighting is definitely a concrete solution worth considering. Founded in 2006, Jinhua Sunmaster Lighting Co. Ltd. is focused in creating unparalleled solar system designs and well-engineered solar-powered products that can weather extreme conditions and provide adequate lighting at night, as well as power communication, which is necessary for localized economies.

SunMaster’s development team ensures that all its products are manufactured with the highest standards following strict quality control systems throughout the development and manufacturing process.

Our vision is to create clean and affordable solar energy that is viable for all, and to provide cost-competitive sustainable energy solutions to all our customers.

To improve our products and services better, we will be delighted to receive your honest feedbacks. We also encourage you to join the SunMaster network should you be interested. Feel free to contact us today for any of your concerns.

The call for a renewable source of energy like that of a solar lighting system does not end with everyone’s commitment to the environment. It is a fact that 1.6 billion people in the world are still living in darkness. Most of these are rural places where there are no reliable sources of energy. Come to think of it, how can these people go on with their daily lives if their nights are filled with darkness? Due to lack of adequate lighting, people in these places certainly put their activities on hold.

Today’s fast industry growth rate poses a serious threat to the environment. It has increased our economy’s dependence on fossil fuels, which results to increased CO2 emissions worldwide. The climate change has been noticeably alarming as well as the massive environmental pollution that we are facing. Now, this calls for renewable energy solutions such as biomass heating, hydropower, tidal powers, wind turbines, and of course, solar technologies.


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