Decorative Solar Lights Installed in Greece

How appeal and efficiency met in our decorative solar lights we installed in Greece.

The main purpose of solar lights is providing a pollution-free, efficient and valid lighting outdoor solution. But sometimes basic and standard products do not fit the customer’s necessities and the customization required does not only refer to device options or technical charactestistics. As look also counts, you might choose solar lights to emphasize the surrondings with enchanting light and so create a particular atmosphere in the nighttime.

Not wanting traditional, “commercial” parking lot lights but rather something more decorative, and at the same time having to adhere to strict city height requirements, The ACTUS from of Karditsa Greece contacted SunMaster to provide a solar lighting solution for their community path.

Completely off grid, this solar lighting solution is the perfect choice when choosing to illuminate parking lots with more decorative, yet edecorative - Decorative Solar Lights Installed in Greecenergy-efficient lighting. Because of SunMaster’s ability to provide customized solutions, the solar lights comply with the local restriction on mounting height while providing beautiful, energy efficient lighting at night.

SunMaster’s experienced engineers will work with you and/or your contractor to determine the optimum solar lighting solution for your requ
irement. Based on your general brightness requirements, confirmed solar conditions at the installation location and our engineering experience, we can provide you with the perfect solar light solution for your need!