Some tips about garden, path and lawn solar lighting

If you are going to reorganize and redesign your garden, you might prefer using a solar light solution in order to riduce costs and environmental impact. But before buying, it’s important to value what kind of solar garden lights suit you best. The following tips will help you find the right devices and applications for your needs.

1) Type of light

The first step is to identify what type of lighting you are looking for: decorative, task or path lighting. Examples of decorative lights are hanging lanterns, that can create pleasant spot lights in the night. Street lights are good examples of task lighting, as they illuminate specific areas without causing light pollution. For path lighting, small devices like solar LED lawn lights are the best solution, thanks to their great efficiency.

2) Amount of sunlight

As sunlight has not the same intensity and duration everywhere, it is really important to estimate the amount of sunlight in the area before you choose solar lights. Some solar lights batteries can recharge with partial sun or under shadows, or even in cloudy days.

3) Operating time

You probably will not use your solar lights 24h/24 at full power, so you have to consider the operating time in order to find the proper battery. Some battery can last several days before needing to recharge.

4) Type of light bulb

The solar panel on your solar light will power a light bulb, so you have to consider even this one, because it implies different costs and power consumption. LED lights are the current most efficient lighting technology and they are highly customisable.

5) Extra features

To maximize the efficiency, you could install automatic controller, like timers and motion sensors. These extra features can make you save up time and money.

6) Design and style

Do not forget to match your new lighting to your garden  style. Choose colours and designs that fit better the rest of your landscape. For example, we can provide several types of pole design for street lights with different shapes and heights.

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