Even in extreme wind conditions, we can provide you the best solar street lights solutions. 

Solar street lights take advantage of the sun to provide energy and lighting, but nature is not always by our side: when hSunMaster Solar street light in Philiphines1 213x300 - Hurricane Proof Solar Street Lightsurricanes and typhoons occur, they blow everything down. So is it possible for specific hurricane risk areas to use solar street lights? Yes! 

We have a lot of experience with Hurricane/Typhoon area and already installed many solar street lights over there, especially in the Philippines.  As a matter of fact, for hurricane proof solar street lights we adopt the following solutions:

1. Higher wind resistance

How to face strong wind efficaciously? First of all, we make much stronger metal parts, including pole thickness and diameter size, bracket design and foundation kit design.
Regarding panel position, the solar panel must be installed as lowest as possible to reduce the wind resistance (like attached solar street light photos we installed in the Philippines). IMG 9707 200x300 - Hurricane Proof Solar Street Lights
Another precaution is choosing a smaller lamp house but with high heat radiation, like our SLD08 series.
We make the pole as shorter as possible without affecting its using purpose.

To check the wind resistance of the components according to a different grade of wind requirements, we use a proper software.

2. Higher waterproof IP rate

Water could be another huge problem for solar street lights resistance. For this reason we use IP 67 LED light instead of IP 65 ones. Obviously, all connectors are waterproof too.

SunMaster Solar street light in Philiphines2 226x300 - Hurricane Proof Solar Street Lights3. Stronger solar panel design

We use a stronger aluminium frame and thicker glass. The mounting bracket must hold the panel not only by screws, but also fixings to cover the frame like the installation of solar plants. In this way we can guarantee a higher panel robustness.

4. Installation

A solid base for the pole is essential to face a possible hurricane advent.  So we make the base deeper and bigger in size, in order to make a heavy concrete base. Plus, we use reinforced steel inside the concrete.
In order to avoid damages caused by flood, battery box must be buried underground.IMG 9757 300x200 - Hurricane Proof Solar Street Lights

As optional, we have detachable and folding solar street light solution, that can be easily uninstalled in few minutes.

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