A low-cost solar light for mailboxes, bus stop signs, park benches etc.

Solar lighting is not just for medium-large areas, like streets or gardens. If you need task lighting for small applications, like mailboxes, bus stop signs, pay-kiosks, park benches, etc…, why don’t try solar-powered lights? SunMaster just released a new LOW COST solar LED light, the SMLN integrated ALL-IN-ONE series!
The new  integrated solar lights features a 5W LED lamp mounted on a 10′ decorative aluminum pole. This totally integrated solar light system has the batteries, solar panels, and electronics all in the head of the fixture. The modern design and low-profile features will blend perfectly in residential or commercial neighborhoods, providing efficient lighting for small areas, about 10′ in diameter.

lowcost - NEW Low-Cost Solar Light for Small Areas

The integrated solar light  is equipped with a motion sensor to ensure maximum lighting efficiency; full brightness of the 5W LED lamp will be triggered only when motion is detected!
This new solar lighting system is long overdue by SunMaster Solar. The low cost Integra-5 will allow us to expand the wide range of solar lighting solutions we already provide to thousands of satisfied customers!
SunMaster’s experienced engineers will work with you and/or your contractor to determine the optimum solar lighting solution for your requirement. Based on your general brightness requirements, confirmed solar conditions at the installation location and our engineering experience, we can provide you with the perfect solar light solution for your need!