Solar Light Solutions for Humidity

Solar panel efficiency and lighting performance are affected by many factors including the relative weather conditions of the location where the solar lighting products will be installed. In our recent blog posts, we already covered the problems of snowy winters and hurricanes wherein we explained that our solar light solutions can efficiently withstand such weather conditions. This is made possible since our solar street lights are built for extreme temperatures and inclement weathers. This time, this article will be focusing on the problem of humidity to guide potential clients hesitating to purchase our solar light solutions because of such worry.

problems-with-solar-panels- Problems with solar panels and our solutions

Is it possible to install solar-powered lights in humid areas of the globe?

Humidity may affect the output of energy released by the solar panel. It reduces the efficiency level of the panel’s solar irradiance absorption and might decrease the life span of poles and other materials used in making solar-powered lights specially when water goes inside the frames of the panel. This may lead to the deterioration of the over-all performance of the lighting product. However, you will not encounter these problems because SunMaster employed experts and trained engineers to make our solar lights durable and not suffer wear and tear caused by humidity and other weather elements.

Our products are custom-made for high relative humidity which is reflected in the following reasons:

Solar-Panel-tropical-area Problems with solar panels and our solutions

First, to eliminate your worries, we already installed our solar lights in tropical areas like Mauritius and Tahiti which also have high relative humidity. There were no problems encountered and the solar lights still illuminated the paths of where our products were installed.

hot-dipped-galvanized-steel-image Problems with solar panels and our solutions

Our pole parts are all hot dipped galvanized steel so expect that they will yield superior corrosion protection. For maximum protection, these parts are also coated with powder coating made for outdoor use.

Waterproof-IP65 Problems with solar panels and our solutions

Since high relative humidity may cause water to enter in the frames of the panel and lamps, we employed highly waterproof lamps which is an alloy type IP 65.

problems-with-solar-panels-NEWRES Problems with solar panels and our solutions

For an absolute waterproof solar street light, we used anti-rust connectors and screws made from stainless steel so that your solar lights can maintain resistance to humidity, rain, snow, and other weather elements and provide you best lighting for a longer period of time.

With the feasible technology and quality materials utilized by SunMaster, you can enjoy our solar light solutions no matter where you are in the world. Contact us now and let our dedicated staff know your location and specific lighting needs.