SunMaster is proud of having started a partnership with NIS Foundation Africa, a Norwegian NGO oriented to bring stabilization in post-conflict areas. The project launched public illumination with the installation of Solar Street Lights in different towns across the five federal states of Somalia, Africa, including: 
  • Harfo, Armo, Agaaran and Xerojaale cities in Puntland
  • Balanbale, Dhusamareeb and Galinsoor in Galmudug
  • Mahas town in Hirshabelle
  • Gobadley town in Mogadishu
Milk-Trader Solar Energy In Somalia - A Case Study

Above Photo: Maryan Jinow, A milk trader beams with joy as her business is thriving as a result of the newly installed solar powered street lights.

Somalian energy profile shows alarming statistics in terms of accessing electricity and living a proper life, both in urban and rural areas.

Power Africa lists the following as the biggest issues for the Somalian energy sector:

  • Limited regulation and oversight
  • Monopoly on energy distribution
  • Acute shortage of qualified staff
  • Generation and distribution losses (up to 40%) due to poor infrastructure and collection
  •  High electricity tariffs in part due to energy company inefficiencies
  •  Insecurity and political instability

The Index Mundi indicators show that the electrification system hardly provides for the urban areas (34%) and barely exists for rural ones (4%); while the general access to electricity is given to 36% of the population only, according to the latest accessible stats of 2019 of Tracking SDG 7

Somalian-Solar-Energy Solar Energy In Somalia - A Case Study

Nonetheless, according to AEP (Africa Energy Portal), the installed capacity for renewable energy in Somalia has increased drastically between 2013 and 2020, with spikes that resulted in the doubling of the total capacity on two occasions, precisely in 2016 and 2020.

The indicator that shows the total capacity specifically for solar energy has also increased progressively, at the point of passing from zero to 22.5 from from 2013 to 2020.

NIS Foundation Africa and SunMaster partnered concretely.

After strong political shocks and collapses, the Norwegian government is being a fundamental piece of the puzzle to sustain projects like the following ones, in an overall mission of reestablishing proper and peaceful life conditions (as interpeace reports).

Concrete help with Solar Street Lights

NIS has provided the installation of 40 solar powered street light poles in Galinsoor Town, Galmudug State, Somalia, the administration of which has opened the project to activate an electricity infrastructure.

Gelinsoor’s streets are now alive at night and business can grow more, having the chance of remaining open until late night.

Women who have been supporting Somalian families to cover the unemployment conditions of men have now the chance to improve their business, while people are socially more free as they can safely access outdoor areas in Galinsoor.  

Similarly, 30 solar powered street lights were installed this February 2022 in Gubadley District on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

Sunmaster’s Solar Street Lights grant characteristics that are fundamental for operations in countries like Somalia, such as great installation flexibility, easy maintenance and additional add-ons such as after-installation monitoring.

In fact, SunMaster offers:

  • A manufacturing capacity of 9,000 solar street lights units in only 1 month
  • A solid, 15 years-lasting technological background, with a highly qualified operative team
  • 12,000 square meters of manufacturing plants for solar panels production
  • A tight communication during the whole project

Indirectly joining the effort to complete the Somalia Electricity Recovery Project, the two Organizations took a great step forward towards increasing access to cleaner, lower cost electricity for 1.1 million households.

Erik Fernstrom, World Bank Practice Manager for infrastructure in Southern and Eastern Africa, announced the goal ofenhancing local knowledge and capacity to improve service delivery and build back better using green and resilient solutions” in 2021.

The progress of this project will allow a decrease of criminal activity and reduce conflicts, other than bringing a considerable reduction of utility and maintenance cost for the Somalian Government for the next ten years.

Clean energy represents the future of power supply on a global scale: our engineers endeavor every day to develop the latest technologies, reducing costs and risks, while keeping the highest quality standards.

Sunmaster aims to make a concrete impact in areas where basic life conditions are lacking, by implementing high-tech, clean and sustainable solutions.

At the same time, we help international entities and organizations to advance, scaling their business by aligning with the energetic evolution.

If you want to implement a new energetic infrastructure, launch your own sustainable project or just convert your energy production, contact us here.

Sunmaster’s stunning customer service will assist you through the project outlining, offering competitive prices and top-notch engineering expertise.