Solar Street Lights for the Desert

Solar Street Lights Desert - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

Designing solar street lights for desert environments requires a lot of work. Due to the extreme temperature, working in a desert environment needs efficiency and precision. Sunmaster doesn’t back out from challenges. When we were contracted to supply solar street lights for a desert environment, we were up for the challenge.

How Sunmaster suggested lighting a desert

A desert environment is characterized by high temperature during the day. It is dusty, and it has plenty supply of sunshine. Here, we list down the considerations or factors that were taken into account by Sunmaster in order to come up with the best street lights options for the project.

1. Deserts are hot during the day but extremely cold at night.
The changes in temperature need to be addressed when supplying the right solar street lights. Sunmaster’s STL08 led lamp model has an excellent heat emission design that will protect the lamp from overheating. Sunmaster’s solar street lights are powered by Bridgelux or Cree LED chip.

Solar Street Lights HotCold - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

2. Heat waves and sandstorms are natural occurrences in a desert environment.
Sand will cover the solar panels if not designed properly. Sunmaster’s solar panels can be adjusted to make the bracket bigger and at a reclining angle to let sand slide from the glass surface. No sand will be stuck on the surface and the panels will work perfectly. The street lights are also built not to accumulate dust that might cause the lampshade to become dark. Maintenance cleaning after 3 to 4 months will ensure longer use.

Solar Street Lights Heat Sandstorm 2 - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

3. We have seen how sandstorms affect tall structures in the desert.
Sunmaster sees to it that the concrete base of its solar streetlights are planted deep below the ground so any shifting of sad will not make it lose. The solar street lights may be easy to install, but they are also built to be sturdy in whatever weather.

Solar Street Lights Sand - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

4. Sunmaster solar street lights for the desert are also equipped with dimming features in order to save more energy.
Dimming the brightness of the light in the second half of the night will result in more energy saved. The LED solar street lights are also equipped with a revolutionary photometric design. It has reasonable control of the light distribution and it ensures an ideal consistent brightness on the road. The energy saving mode keeps the stability and performance of the street light in optimal status.

Solar Street Lights Dimmer - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

5. The battery box needs protection from the sun too.
Since the blazing heat of the desert cannot be avoided, Sunmaster makes sure that the solar street lights’ battery box is buried deeper so its temperature will not be affected by extreme changes in temperature.

BatterySunmaster - Solar Street Lights for the Desert

Sunmaster’s engineers have developed sustainable state-of-the-art technology to make better options for companies and contractors. These experienced engineers will work with you to determine the best solar lighting solution that will fit your requirement. There are several factors to consider in order to come up with the optimum solar lighting solution for your needs. Sunmaster doesn’t believe that one model fits all. Cost-effective and sustainable lighting solutions can work hand in hand. Contact us and our engineers will be happy to assist you.