Solar Wind Hybrid Lighting Project in Chile

A successful SunMaster project in Chile for solar wind hybrid lighting is finally complete.

Working closely with our partners in Chile, SunMaster has successfully delivered reliable and affordable solar wind hybrid solar lighting. The first 100 units are currently being installed at various locations throughout the Antofagasta , and have already received great admiration from local residents and officials. Our solar wind hybrid street lights were chosen for this pilot project because we offered very competitive rates compared to traditional grid-tied lights.

We provided a turnkey solar lighting system – which includes a 70W LED fixture that produces 7000 lumens  the 300W windturbine, 100W solar panel and 2 100Ah batteries. The system will provide lighting equivalent to a regular 250W HPS grid-tied fixture.  We worked relentlessly to ensure residential lighting requirements were met with the most economical solution, while simultaneously guaranteeing optimum light distribution with no dark spots.

china Solar Wind Hybrid Lighting Project in Chile
china2 Solar Wind Hybrid Lighting Project in Chile

Officials are very happy with the light output and quality of the system provided, and SunMaster is currently in the process of providing hundreds of more solar lighting systems for the country!
SunMaster has over 10 years’ experience in developing solar lighting systems. Our engineers will provide you with lighting calculations, mapping and wind resistance calculations, as well as helping to choose a design for your solar project.