Vertical Axis Wind Turbines vs.
Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

When it comes to the industry of wind turbines, there are generally two main types of turbines that people can choose from: the vertical axis wind turbines and the horizontal axis wind turbines. Both types of turbines have their particular merits and demerits. In this article, our goal is to help you choose the right wind turbine system for your application.

Vertical-and-Horizontal-axis-wind-turbines Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Right now, most of the wind turbine industry is dominated by the horizontal axis wind turbine. By horizontal axis, we mean that the rotating axis of the wind turbine is parallel with the ground. When it comes to big wind industries and application, you will more likely see horizontal axis wind turbines. However, in smaller wind industries or in residential areas, vertical axis wind turbines often compete with horizontal axis wind turbines.

The benefit to using the horizontal axis wind turbine is the fact that it can produce more electricity compared to vertical axis wind turbines given a particular amount of wind. If your goal is to produce as much energy as possible, the likely choice for you is the horizontal axis wind turbine. However, although this turbine is more efficient in producing energy, it is heavier and bulkier than the vertical axis wind turbine. It also does not produce energy efficiently when dealing with turbulent winds.

Horizontal-Axis-Wind-Turbines- Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

In the vertical axis wind turbine, the rotational axis of the turbine is perpendicular to the ground. As previously mentioned, this kind of wind turbine is used in small wind industries and residential areas. This is because the vertical axis wind turbine is generally smaller and more mobile than horizontal axis wind turbines. Unlike the horizontal axis wind turbine, the vertical axis wind turbine works well in tumultuous conditions. This is because this kind of turbine is powered by the wind coming from a 360 degree angle. There are even cases when such turbines are also powered by winds blowing from top to bottom. The versatility of the vertical axis wind turbine makes it the better choice when it comes to areas with inconsistent wind patterns. However, as mentioned above, it produces less energy compared to the horizontal axis wind turbine.

Vertical-Axis-Wind-Turbines- Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines

Determining the Best Kind of Wind Turbine for You

In determining the kind of wind turbine most appropriate for you, you have to consider the space available in your area, the industry you’re using the wind turbine for, and the wind patterns in your place of installation. If you need a higher energy output and you have space and consistent wind patterns, choose the horizontal axis wind turbine. If you are in a smaller industry and you live in an area with inconsistent wind patterns, it would be better to choose the vertical axis wind turbine. Taking these things into consideration will make your utility of these turbines more efficient and productive.