How to calculate solar panels size?

In order to customize your solar light project the first thing we need to focus on is the location for installing the solar power lighting system and the perfect location where you want to install your solar light project, because different locations and surface have different levels of sunlight which can have an impact on the outcome of the solar light project.

If you tell us the location where you want to install the solar LED systems, we can estimate the irradiation to calculate the solar panel size.

How to Calculate the pole height for solar lighting?

Pole height is calculated by having an estimate of the road width, what is the for solar LED lighting system pole’s height? In this case we are always willing to help you out if you will tell us the road width where the solar street light will be installed we can evaluate the pole height plus lamp power (type of road, lux).

Do you have any ideas of the type of road (highway, main road, village road) or do you have any minimum lux requirement? We need them to calculate the pole height and lamp power accordingly.

Batteries (backup time):

  • Do you know the battery capacity required?
  • In order to calculate it, we need to know how many everyday working hours the light you want?
  • How many estimated rainy or cloudy days you usually have in your location?
  • How long you need maximum power light and how many hours/day you need power save mode (example 6 hours full power, 6 hour 50% power everyday)?

Every aspect should be kept in mind and carefully execute the method while installing the solar light project.

If you have a need to install it more quickly, please let us know.

If you need more information please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.

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