Why LED for Solar street lighting?

Solar street lighting systems are the most energy-efficient outdoor lighting technologies on both the production and consumption sides. Solar street lighting work by producing electricity from the incident sun rays then store it in the batteries and power the lamp during the night.

The question is, what is the most energy and also cost-efficient lighting technology to be adopted in the solar street lighting systems?

AllinOne260x300 - Why LED for Solar Street Lighting?

There are several types of lighting technologies in the market such as HPS, Incandescent, Metal Halide and so on. Presently the best available lighting technology is LED.

Why is LED the best lighting technology solution that is available presently?

LED lighting has operating hours from 50,000 upto 100,000 hrs and also with luminous efficacy from 130 to 170 lm/w, which is much higher than the other conventional lighting technologies. Besides that, LED lighting is characterised with a 90 colour rendering index with colour temperature ranging from 3,200k-6,400k.

Furthermore, LED lighting is the most flexible lighting technology among the others. It consists of the high dimming control system to save energy, which is manufactured to program and adjust according to the End-User requirements.

Last but not least, LED lighting can be operated or started immediately ,while the other technologies take almost 10-15 seconds to emit the light.

LED and lighting  - Why LED for Solar Street Lighting?

Here in the following table, you can check the parameters of LED lighting and the other conventional lighting technologies.

LED and Lighting - Why LED for Solar Street Lighting?