Worried about thieves? Use SunMaster Solar Street Light GPRS Monitoring System

How our Solar Street Lights can give you additional security thanks to GPRS Monitoring System

gprs - Worried about thieves? Use SunMaster Solar Street Light GPRS Monitoring System Security is one of the main issues of modern society and we are always looking for more effective and realible systems that can keep a watchful eye on items and properties and prevent unpleaseant surprises.

Maybe, when you think about outdoor lighting, like solar street lights, you could be worried about damages and thefts. These concerns are very common and rely on real potential risks that everyone must take into account when a solar street lighting system is designed and planned.

In order to provide its customers with very operational and safe Solar Lights, SunMaster has realized intelligent controlling and single lamp GPRS Monitoring System. Every lamp sends signals to a Solar Segment Controller and the Monitoring Center elaborates these data. You can easily access and be well-informed on your Solar Lights current state via internet connection, by computer, mobile or tablet.

Through this system, potential dangers or theft attempts can be detected quickly and precisely. Life of improvised thieves has become very harder and you can rest assured!

System Features

  1. Flexible control function (turn on/ off, dimming)
  2. Flexible grouping function
  3. Smart adaptive automatic networking function
  4. Flexible timing control strategy
  5. Intelligent query
  6. Geographical data concentrator display
  7. Data concentrator parameter remote setting
  8. User-friendly user interface
  9. Remote upgrading function

If you are thinking about a solar street lights solution, contact us today. We will discuss with you the most cost-effective, sustainable lighting solutions in your area.