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Seamless vertical solar PV moduleintegration.
Seamless vertical integration is a cleane cient method to integrate solar photovoltaic technology into column lighting systems.
Using this method, large flat solar panels are not fixed on top of lighting column or system, but instead are placed around the lighting pole itself.
Seamlessly integrating the technology aesthetically without compromising the efficiency, adding value to both designers and end users.
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Hexagonal Series Features

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Universal Application

Can be used on any type of aluminium or steel pole, easy to assemble and locked into place. Poles can be sourced separately if needed and the modular design with adjustable spacing brackets ensures easy assembly into any type of pole configuration.

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360°Full Day Charging

6 slim solar sections are fixed tightly onto a hexagon frame which ensures 50% of solar panel will face to sunshine at any time of the day. No onsite orientation is needed.

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Modular Installation

This hexagonal PV module is based on modular design concept for easy installation and disassembly. It can be quickly and easily mounted onto any suitable pole.

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Patented Design

The hexagonal solar PV module is designed based on advanced concepts and manufactured to high standards PCT .

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Strong Wind Resistance

The hexagonal design reduces the wind load area, and each module is directly fastened to the pole by 12 screws for better wind resistance. ldeal for very windy regions.

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Anti Snow Covering

The hexagonal solar PV modules are mounted vertically. Preventing build up of snow and dirt. Ensuring enoughpower can be generated even in very snowy climates

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Easy to Clean

Less dust will fall on surface than on a regular solar panel.Maintenance workers can clean it easily standing onground with a extending low-pressure hose brush or sprayclean. Resulting in higher work e ciency and reduced maintenance cost.

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Design Aesthetics

The module system is the real answer to design aesthetics providing a compact and fully integrated green energy solution to the pole.

Hexagonal Series Datasheet

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Cylindrical Series

The cells integrated in the SunMaster solar pole are the best performing solar cells available in themarket. Due to low temperature coe cients (- 0.30 % Power ° C, similar to thin film)and the high e ciency of the cells, our cells generate more energy at higher temperatures comparedto standard c-Si solar cells.
Further more, the solar cells used for the SunMaster solar pole conserve their initial power. Other types of cells loose 3% of power once exposed to sunlight. This innovative technology prevents light-induced degradation like conventional c-Si cells
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High Power Output

Product Features

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Square Column Series

Integrated solar post top lantern with Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, vertically mounted mono-crystalline solar panel and MPPT charger. Extruded aluminium construction for sturdiness and long life. Choice of street light and post top optics and pole height of 4 & 6 meters.
Charger and battery accommodated inside the pole and accessible through service hatch for ease of maintenance. Vertically mounted panels on all four sides to catch sunlight throughout the day. IP-68 battery to prevent damage in case of water logging.
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