Meet the SunMaster team

RuanGuo-Jun-OWNER SunMaster team
Steven-Zeng-General-Manager SunMaster team
Lenny-Yao-Chief-Engineer SunMaster team
Allen-quality-chief SunMaster team
Marco-Gatti-Export-Manager SunMaster team

Ruan Guo Jun Owner

Founder of SunMaster in 2006, vice president of JinHua Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice president of Jinua Private Enterprie Association

Mission Statement "as owner, I am committed to ensuring that sustainability remains a core element of what we do"

Steven Zeng General Manager

Operational manager of SunMaster Tean since 2006. He supervise all the main activities including customer, personnel, finance, system construction and operation.

Mission Statement "Rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation"

Lenny Yao Chief Engineer

Responsible for SunMaster product design, development, performance validation, managing production, quality team for optimum cost, quality and performance. He provides related calculation, design and technical consultancy in solar and lighting projects.

Mission Statement "Pursue the excellent quality, create the best product"

Allen Quality Chief

With 10 years of experience in QC he is manager of the quality system in SunMaster. He constantly monitors the quality of the products and he finds the ways of improving the quality of a product.

Mission Statement "To ensure the best quality product is delivered to the customer"

Marco Gatti Export Sales Manager

With 20 years of experience in international sales, since 2011 he is in charge of international sales. With devotion and passion, he follows the customers in any step of negotiation and builds the best solution for customer's request.

Mission Statement  "Listen, understand and find the solution. Every single customers have different needs, my purpose is to give them what they are looking for"

Meet the SunMaster team

sunmaster-solar-panel-workshop SunMaster team
sunmaster-street-led-light-workshop2 SunMaster team

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