There the two different ways you can position your drivers and controller for solar LED street lights. Ways to position the drivers and controller of your Solar LED Lights:

Solar controller - Drivers and Controller Position

1) Place Controller & Drivers Inside the Pole’s Door:
As shown this the picture below you can easily position your driver and controller for solar street lighting, the benefit for placing your controller and driver inside the pole’s door is that it becomes really easy to maintain and to keep a regular check on your drivers and controller.
2) Place Drivers in the Light Fixtures & Place Controller Inside the Pole’s Door:
This is another way you can place your drivers in the light fixtures but there is drawback for placing your drivers in the light fixtures is that if in any case driver stops working, you need to climb up high to bring it down to see what’s wrong with the driver. The benefit of placing the driver in the light fixtures is, it saves them from getting theft.

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