Using existing light poles for a mounting structure greatly reduces the cost to install the solar panels and no additional place is required. By utilizing existing utility poles also provides an easy access to the electrical grid so that power produced by the solar panels does not need to be stored but can be “sold” back to the grid for others to use or even you can store for later use.
There are two possible option to mount panels on the existing poles:

mount panels - How to mount a Panels

Option 1 to Mount Panels:

In option number one the first and foremost step is to remove existing light source after that you just need to place the new light source.

Carefully mount separate solar panels with brackets and in the end mount a box to place a battery in it and you are all set.

Option 2 to Mount Panels:

The second thing you can do to mount solar panels is by cutting the top off the pole, place new light source with integrated brackets for solar panels and in the last just mount a box for the battery where you think you battery for solar panels will be save. These two ways you can easily use to mount solar panels on existing poles.

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