Solar Powered Water Pump

Do you need an efficient solar solution for your water consumption needs?

SunMaster solar powered water pumps system is the ideal solution for you!

We have different types of models; you can choose a different pump power, the length of use, the solar panel power, its voltage, the volume of water discharged and other specific requirements.

Solar Water Pump 600x554 - Solar Powered Water Pump
Solar Water Pump - Solar Powered Water Pump

Each solar pump is composed of a solar panel array, sealed controllers and a DC deep well pump that comes with free accessories like:

  • stainless steel screws;
  • cable connector;
  • water level sensor;
  • cable for the solar panel

Our solar water pumps guarantee you a heavy duty and long-lasting performance: all the outlet, pump body, motor body, screws and nuts are made of quality stainless steel.

But how does this work?

Since the system employs Photovoltaic (PV) technology, the energy from sunlight is collected by the array of solar panel and is then converted into DC electrical energy. This energy passes then into the solar controller for rectification, stabilization, amplification and filtering and finally pumps large volumes of water.

Solar Water Pump 2 - Solar Powered Water Pump

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