Street lights are our necessity, many of us may have also been in a position of switch it on maybe once in our lifetime or more. the reasons for highlighting this fact are numerous. To be really honest with our customers, the conventional or traditional street lights are of very low pressure and also have a very low efficiency in terms of visibility in the night time. On contrary, the adaptation of the new technology solar electricity street lighting, is now assumed as today’s best approach by many, because of its environment and budget friendly features.Quick comparison between High Power LED lamp, metal halide lamp and sodium lamp.

a) Sunmaster high power LED lamp:
It has no glare, which is very good to reduce light pollution. Although the temperature for the color of the light is very comfortable, the objects can be seen in the perfect true color, hence people feel more comfortable.

b) Metal Halide Lamp:
It has a very strong glare around the light which produces light pollution; the colors are very high in contrast pretty close to cyan; and object can’t be seen clearly in this light therefore people feel irritated and depressed.

c) Sodium Lamp:
This lamp also has a very strong glare, not good at all for the eyes. The color of this light is very low with some sort of yellow and orange mixed colors in it. No one likes to sit under this light because this Sodium Lamp makes people feel boring. Here are the highlighted strengths of solar Street lights over the traditional street lights.

Light Pollution:
Conventional street lights tend to expose the light in sideways into the atmosphere which causes light pollution and can also affect human being in a negative way. On contrary, solar street lights have no glare, which is very good to reduce light pollution.

Photometric performance and radiator performance:
The conventional street light is usually made up of high pressure sodium lamp due to which the conventional street light has quite a bad photometric performance and radiator performance but whereas in Sunmaster solar street light you will find both of these perfectly fine.

Safety Issues:
In conventional street light electrical performance, there are numerous chances of having an electric shock (high voltage) but Sunmaster LED street light are 100% safe because of a pretty low voltage feature.

Comparison between Lifespan:
The lifespan of conventional street light is short i.e 5000 hours only, If you go for Sunmaster solar led street light the life span of the same street light would go ten times more, in numbers you can assume it is greater than 50,000 hours.

Comparison between Energy Consumption:
Sunmasters 150W high powered street lamp can help you save upto 60% – 80% of energy as compared to 250 metal halide lamp. There is a visible difference between the brightness of solar street lamp and conventional street light. Beside this, Solar powered street light has a very good integrated system for a great performance, which you won’t find in the conventional street lighting system. In short, there are numerous benefits of installing and making use of solar powered street light. So, after having an analysis between the solar powered street light and conventional street light which system would you be interested in installing in your surroundings?

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