5 03, 2015

7 advantages you will enjoy working with Sunmaster

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Every solar lights products is different. Discover why working with Sunmaster will get big advantage for your company. 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE Jinhua Sunmaster Lighting Co. Ltd has more than 10 years experience in solar lights products. PRE SALE SERVICE Our team can offer you: - free customized solar systems optimization - free dialux simulation drawing [...]

20 02, 2015

What we need to know to customize your solar light project?

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How to calculate solar panels size? In order to customize your solar light project the first thing we need to focus on is the location for installing the solar power lighting system and the perfect location where you want to install your solar light project, because different locations and surface have different levels of sunlight [...]

3 02, 2015

What are Solar Lights

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If Scientifically define, Solar lights are portable light fixtures composed of LED lamps, photovoltaic solar panels, and rechargeable batteries. General definition of solar lights In the layman term ‘solar light'; as explained by the term itself solar light is the light, we get with the help of the energy from the Sun or sunlight. How [...]

26 01, 2015

How many hours need to install Solar/Wind Led street light

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How much time the installation takes? Installing a solar or wind powered LED street light isn’t any sort of rocket science, in fact anyone willing to install by himself can do it easily. Step 1: Dig the installation hole: Once you have decided where you want to place your solar or wind LED street light, [...]

15 01, 2015

Advantages of Gel (VRLA) Batteries

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What is a Gel Battery (VRLA Battery)? Gel battery also known as VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries or gel cells, contains acid that has been gelled by the addition of silica gel, turning the acid into a solid mass that looks like gooey Jell-O. They contain less acid than a regular battery. Gel [...]

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