Jinhua Sunmaster Lighting Co. Ltd – Solar Lights Manufacturer is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing Solar Street light and high power LED lighting-fixtures, and able to produce 100,000 sets of all kinds of LED lights per year. If you need more information please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.

Our Solar lights manufacturer has gathered a group of excellent management and technical backbones who have been working in the semiconductor industry or related fields for many years, including:

  • Physical
  • Thermology
  • Photology
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics and other majors

Solar energy1 - The benefit of the Solar Street Lights

With the company spirit of “devotion, teamwork and innovation”, we will work hard to provide optimum lighting solutions, best quality products and quick after-sale-service for our customers.

Sunmaster Solar lights Manufacturer cooperate with Semiconductor Institute of Beijing University and LED Research Center of Zhejiang University. We have passed:

  • Solar energy or any sort of alternative energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions, which normally generates from the fossil fuels.
  • Significant change and minimization of air pollution.
  • Solar energy can help in reducing our dependency on imported fuels.
  • The industry itself has a huge potential for creating jobs in many different fields such as manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and a lot more.
  • The biggest advantage for solar or alternative energy is that it is renewable which means it will never run out.
  • It generally requires less maintenance as compared to traditional energy systems.
  • With the help of alternative energy we can keep ourselves away from carbon dioxide or other chemicals because alternative energy does not produce any sort of waste products, therefore due to this alternative energy has no negative or minimal impact over the environment or on our social lives.
  • Alternative energy provides protection for air, land and water.
  • Solar energy or alternative energy teaches us to be on the safer side by implementing it and not making wrong decisions which can have certain risks in our future lives.
  • Solar or alternative energy system is more reliable than the traditional energy resources.
  • Solar energy provides subsidized or stable energy prices.
  • Solar energy systems can helps in improving the economy as well.
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Moreover we have only the best certification.
  • ISO9001:2008
  • CE
  • RoHs
  • SGS
  • CCC

If you need more information please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help you in any your requirements.