Most companies will try to sugar coat their sales pitches just so they can do business with you. However, once you have purchased and paid for their products, you end up disappointed because you no longer can reach them once you start encountering aftersales problems. All their promises are forgotten and you are left looking for a third party service provider who will do the job for you at an extra cost for your company. The same is true with other LED light manufacturing companies.

2707165_d819a764 The Importance of Warranty and Aftersales Services

They have very well-trained Sales & Marketing staff who can entice you to awarding them your project

They discuss about how top-of-the-line the quality or their lighting solutions are. They show you samples when you ask for it and they only make you see the good sides of their products. Yes, others may tell you about their warranties and the aftersales services that they can give you for free, but all these are just verbal. What really happens is that when the time comes that you actually need their aid and some of their staff to attend to specific concerns about your purchased LED lights, the much needed assistance is not spared. Live chat support representatives can only assist you so much. There are times when you can’t also get through their lines to talk to an aftersales service specialist. So, you are left really frustrated, trying to find solutions to your LED light problems.

On the other hand, there can also be LED light companies who stay true to their warranties and aftersales services. However, if not having really short warranty coverage, the aftersales services entails payment.

You see, when you deal with companies like these, you obviously don’t get your money’s worth, and this is what makes Sunmaster Solar Light stand out from the rest of its competitors.

support The Importance of Warranty and Aftersales Services

Sunmaster offers its client genuine and quality aftersales service and long warranties for each of its products. See below the coverage of its street light products’ warranties:

1. Solar Panel: Minimum 25 years of power generation capacity, with 10-years warranty.

2. LED Light: Minimum 50.000 hours life span, with 3-years all inclusive warranty – covers everything on the LED street lights, including lamp holder parts, power supply, radiator, scaling gasket, LED modules & lens.

3. Controller: Minimum 8 years by ordinary usage, with a 3-years warranty.

4. Pole: up to 25 years life span and 10-years warranty.

5. Battery: 6 to 8 years life span, with a 3-years warranty.

During this warranty period, all the replacement costs will be covered fully by SunMaster. Now, do you realize how much savings this could mean?

However, after the warranty period, Sunmaster will continue to provide free technology services with the exception of replacement spare parts costs as well as delivery costs, which will be shouldered by the customer.

Please note also that warranties for each component may differ, with 5 years extension upon checking.

The warranties and aftersales services do not apply to damages caused by irresistible natural forces, acts of war, misapplication, accident, neglect, any modification or unauthorized repairs. Sunmaster also reserves the right for final explanation of aforesaid terms. All these are disclosed during your inquiry and before you buy any of our products. This means that you are fully made aware of our aftersales terms and conditions, which we will always stay true to so we can give maximum customer satisfaction.

Your business matters to us that is why we extend our assistance beyond our normal call of duty.
For inquiries about our products, and its warranties and aftersales services, you may contact us here.