How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

The arrival of spring means it’s time to bring out the grill. As the snow melts and the weather start to warm up, your party can now move out of the house and turn your garden into an awesome feast of barbecue and beer. Unfortunately, for every outdoor event, there will be some uninvited guests. And we’re not talking about people.

Bugs can completely ruin a party — whether day or night. Mosquitoes, moths, wasps and other annoying insects could force you back inside if they start swarming your visitors. Sometimes they even follow you into the living room if the windows are accidentally left open.

IP 65 Garden Lights - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?
IP 65 Garden Lights BUG - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

Bugs are attracted to light. It may be the sun, the moon, street lights, or any luminous item you have at home. If you are using outdoor LED lighting, there is a tendency for flying insects to turn it into a nest. This could spell trouble for your little efficient LED lamp.

What Does IP Mean?

First of all, it’s very important to understand what IP means.
IP means Ingress Protection or International Protection against intrusion from foreign bodies such as dirt and water.
IP ratings are used to define the level of sealing effectiveness:

IP Definition - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?
  • IP65 is rated as dust-tight and protected against water from a nozzle
  • IP66 is rated as dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water
  • IP67 is rated as dust-tight and protected against water immersion

What kind of characteristics have the IP 65/67 LED lamp??

1. These LED lamps (IP65, IP 66 and IP67) are warm colour temperature around 3000k.
These lights do not attract insects like a white colour temperature would like as indicate too in a scientific investigation: 80 percent were attracted to the filament lamp, 15 percent to the compact fluorescent and only 2-3 percent to each of the two different LED lamps. Conclusion: there is a low attraction from insects to LED lights. Plus, they do not hit the eyes with super bright light so they’re perfect for landscape lighting.

LED insect attaction - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

2. The LED lamp in IP65 or even IP66, IP67 is dust-proof and waterproof.
Of course, dirt and water cannot go inside the key component-LED chip. The most important component of your LED lamp — the LED chip — is also protected if you have a dust-proof electrical enclosure. So it will not affect the LED lamp-working.

LED light IP - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

3. Seal the gasket around the LED with special silica gel.
This prevents insects from gathering around the LED chip.

LED Seal Glue IMG 1 - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

4. Clean the LED lamp regularly.
Maintaining a spic-and-span garden can go a long way in keeping those pesky invaders away.

Clean Led Light - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?

5. Strategic LED lamp installation.
When designing your outdoor lighting system, install LED lamps in areas where there will be more active. You can use standard lights in places that are farther away and channel those bugs to secluded corners.

Project LED Light IMG 1 - How To Keep a LED Lamp IP65?


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