17 07, 2018

The Five Configurations for Solar Power

2018-07-17T11:38:17+01:00ENG Blog|

The Five Configurations for Solar Power If you want to create a solar power electricity installation, it is important to choose a configuration. In this article we want to illustrate you the five different configurations you can choose from: Stand-alone (also known as off-grid) without grid power charge function Stand-alone (off-grid) with grid power charge [...]

8 05, 2018

Advantages of Gel (VRLA) Batteries

2018-12-21T10:13:43+01:00ENG Blog|

What is a Gel Battery (VRLA Battery)? Gel battery also known as VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid) batteries or gel cells, contains acid that has been gelled by the addition of silica gel, turning the acid into a solid mass that looks like gooey Jell-O. They contain less acid than a regular battery. Gel batteries are [...]

10 04, 2018

How To Choose a Solar Street Light Manufacturer

2018-12-21T10:13:44+01:00ENG Blog|

How Do You Choose a Solar Street Light Manufacturer? In this article, we want to list you 5 fundamental points to consider in order to choose which is the ideal solar street light manufacturer for your business. However, given the countless solar street light manufacturers on the market, it is not always easy to choose [...]

27 03, 2018

Solar Powered WiFi Camera in Solar Street Lights

2018-12-21T10:13:44+01:00ENG Blog|

All About Solar Street Light With Solar Powered Wifi Camera Everybody wants to feel safer while walking on the streets. Like Michael, 40 years old, living in Egypt in an area nearby Cairo.Over there new technologies aren’t used very much, among them, solar powered wifi camera. The lack of lighting in the streets increases the [...]

26 03, 2018

How to Calculate the Size of Solar Power Battery?

2018-03-26T10:01:34+01:00ENG Blog|

How to Calculate the Size of Solar Power Battery? Hi. Ever wondered how street lights always light at night? Where do they get their power from? I have one word for you. Solar power battery. Power and energy maintain life. We are very fortunate to have the sun to harnessing. Here, I will give you [...]

8 03, 2018

Why Choose Solar Cell Garden Lights?

2018-03-12T15:06:04+01:00ENG Blog|

Why Choose Solar Cell Garden Lights? Solar cell garden lights are great for landscaping for four reasons: These lights are simple to install. They are easy to maintain. Solar garden lights eliminate electricity costs. They work more efficiently at night. Solar lights not only illuminate your surroundings but add aesthetic appeal to your garden. Outdoor [...]

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